Creed Operating Company and Affiliates

About Us

Company Profile

Creed Operating Co. is a Wichita Falls, Texas based, privately owned Oil & Gas Company. Together with its affiliates, Creed uses its ground-up, vertically integrated approach to develop, drill, and produce oil and gas projects in North-Central and West Texas.


Creed Leasing Co.

Creed Leasing Co. is the land acquisition and management arm of Creed Operating Co. After working with the exploration dept. to develop areas of interest (AOI), Creed Leasing is responsible for researching title to the land in the AOI, negotiating leases, curing title, interfacing with attorneys to develop title opinions, creation of division orders, distributions to working and royalty interests, and management of leasehold estates.

Isand Oil & Gas Co.

Isand is responsible for the development and implementation of all of Creed’s projects. Through strict analysis of leasehold costs, intangible drilling costs, and completion costs, Isand develops and maintains the financial systems needed to properly analyze and manage all oil and gas investments and projects.

BRIM Oil & Gas Co.

BRIM Oil & Gas Co. was formed in 2002 and began to acquire both producing and non-producing mineral interests in Texas. Later, BRIM began to acquire leasehold interests in Areas of Interest for exploration purposes. BRIM currently owns both producing and non-producing minerals in Texas and Colorado.

Creed Operating Co.

Creed is responsible for coordinating field operations and administration, Railroad Commision compliance, due diligence on production buys, and maintenance for Joint Interest Billings.